Barthélémy Pedotti and his PiRAKI Studio

A compugraphist life

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A multimedia universe in the Multimedia Universe

Our notion of Reality - merely speaking about what is occuring inside and outside our living being - is odd.
How comes, for example, are we clearly aware of life, other's and even our,
or of subtile nature wonders, when reading books, watching pictures or movies while we are almost blind in everyday life?
Anyway, it gives a good reason for Art and Craft to exist!


Lights & colors



ePicture Story

Roman Parallèle

Poets & painters, all mad

7th state

extreme middle way


drawings, photos...


from quarry to firing


comments and suggestions



...oobaThy site, geek computer graphist and globaly bioclimatic hardcore gamer... from flyer to website, from interactive donuts to virtual worlds...


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