Barthélémy Pedotti

Optical Illusions

None of our senses is totally reliable,
first of all sight that we trust too much, rating hues and distances with the help of visual references but with intellectual or emotional references as well;
easy to hack these references and such pointing the vision limits out.


Déjà vu (see Contrasts), colors and greys change according to the background

Same size center cercles, but the neighborhood rules...

Parallel lines twisted by a simple geometric shapes pattern

Another example


Interferences between lines patterns are called moiré


Identical figures on a perspective-like background driving visual conflict

Lack of reference again... where is the map of the world gone?


A lot of visual illusions come with the art of perspective trying to draw 3D on a 2D surface. Here's the classical!

Less and less reference! Hard to say whether colored faces look up or down

When still picture moves...

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