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Light, lights

Colors come from light, which is nothing but an electromagnetic waveband with a great quality for us: we can see it! - this waveband scale from infrared to ultraviolet, as everybody can see when examining a rainbow or looking through a prism.


Given that electromagnetic waves forming the white light, the sun light by the way, are deflected when crossing the surface between two transparent medium, we notice what stand for several wavelength distributed from red - bigger deflection - to blue - lesser deflection, all other colors in-between

Light waves are part of a big family, a small part

In other words our eyes have a different sensitivity for each wavelength. That is why a quarter of the spectrum displays blue-green to orange-yellow, where reds run on almost half of it.

White light (the whole spectrum) illuminating a red-orange object

At ambient temperature matter doesn't emit light, colored or not; but it reflects part of the color wavelengths while absorbing another part - we see the reflected lights which give each object its own color.

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