ePicture Story
Multimedia Compugraphic Comic-Strip
by Bathy PEDOTTI
with a great help from the rest of the universe

History books just lie! We would have dominated and almost destroyed the planet,
we would have used engine machines for all purpose and would even have been in space!
But engines are mighty rare and the only worldwide scale stuff we've got is our communication net.
Yes, it was so long ago... Nature is still surrounding ...nearly everywhere; yes, we could have
peacefull lives if only there weren't those "lags", elusive and unwanted apparitions...

Warning: explicit content pictures (nudes); Attention, images au contenu explicite (nus féminins);
- Pictures are deliberately big -
- «F11» key = fullscreen, «Ctrl» and «+», «Ctrl» and «-» to zoom in or out -
Only page bottom texts are translated (partially redundant anyway) - This is normal, do not try to set your screen!

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