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- This biosphere

What do we depend on?

They drink an air that would burst your lungs out - G. Brassens

Societies always die from suicide or murder rather than from natural causes, and nearly always from suicide - Arnold Joseph Toynbee


Biosphere is the material substrate which allows a living being to exist.
Thus this being has a direct responsibility toward it if he claims to rational consciousness; this is the case of human beings,
his biosphere is Planet Earth
... or at least the inhabitable crust.


A slice of Earth. In the thickness of the green line on the left is our whole Biosphere, from submarine abysses to the high layers of the atmosphere.

But his current behavior seems dysfunctional in this regard, and the behavior of his societies even more.
It becomes clear that this behavior destroys the biosphere allowing him to exist.
That, at the individual level, would immediately lead to a diagnosis of disorder by any psychiatrist...


The problem of overpopulation aim directly at our own existence where global warming only involves us through a chain of causality...
let's talk about the later then!

Why do we indulge to question our own safety on the long term?
The main reason is probably that our beliefs mislead, especially when it drives us to think that our lives are under Nature's laws less than before.
History teaches us that this kind of illusion had a heavy cost for many civilizations, also that each time the people must find solutions
when situations are beyond the control of "officials"

light pollution

Stars, without and with light nuisance


Food chains are out of control


Critical situations leading to the decline of a civilization are well known and very often the same,
which gives a list of the main ones:
  • Overpopulation
  • Climate change (not to be confused with the following, this one may be natural)
  • Degradation of the environment (especially the overexploitation of resources)
  • Hostile neighbors
  • Big gap between social classes (i.e. few people very rich, many people very poor)
  • Isolation - no more exchange, especially trade
  • Bad reaction - or lack of reaction - of the civilization to these problems



    Everyone will have to judge the seriousness and the urgency for every point, and his involvement in the process; because years to come would show to what extent the planet knows how to globalize too.

    Some illustrations used here are part of our meta-culture - ie they come from the internet
    - their authors are cited as soon as they let me know - thanks to them!

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