Barthélémy Pedotti
- Intimacy with the universe

A race of predators?

Enlightening lights of the past, you're gone,
Might be because we need some others still to come;
Enwising lessons from milleniums we never learnt,
Too late, some others're coming to be learnt quick

From the consciousness of the wolf to the shepherd's one

My favorite piece of art is the one where the artist has put as much care in what remains invisible as in what is visible

"Plato was the arch-seducer. It was he who first sent us whoring after spirituality and heroics,
whoring after the complementary demons of disgust and sin." Aldous Huxley


the Good, the Bad, the Right, the Wrong...
For so long our societies indulge in values that exclude, we are driven to choose;
yet our favorite reference, the life, the universe, shows that in everything the maximum distribution is favored,
whether for the leaves of a tree or about same age students height,
you always find a good majority around the average, but also representatives of the extremes...


The Gauss curve -or density curve- is a bell shaped curve which is obtained, for example, by compiling the results for a given size in a given population; a typical example, the length of the leaves of a tree: most of the lengths will be close to the average, with some small and some very large leaves. The standard deviation shows the distribution around the average. This curve is not necessarily symmetric but comes close with a very large number of samples.

The most obvious lesson, but perhaps the most difficult to admit,
is that the extremes seem useful, necessary for the functioning of life - by the way it is not so odd to realise that life gives itself
the best chance by varying at maximum the characteristics of its representatives.

A fact that makes us see with another eye what we call devils or saints, idiots or geniuses;
we understand that they are necessary for the the largest number to exist and if our societies must judge
(for good or for bad) about what they do, it seems ridiculous to do it for what they are!
Therefore the best society is the one that respects this distribution.


The next revolution will be metaphysical, I mean an upsurge of growth of consciousness, a salutary reaction to the horror of the present situation.

Credits DeBartolo (Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive) - montage Piraki

We could then invoke the XXI century shaman, maybe?
Not that he's a superhuman, but the whole of humanity may become his tribe;
his contribution is to repeat the same message over & over:
there is nothing like mankind on one hand, the rest of the universe on the other hand, it's a whole:
nature is exploited means we exploit oneself, we're poisoning our planet means we poison ourselves
...what, by the way, is becoming obvious to the most stupid of us! (2014)

Why talk about shaman?
because it appears that it is the kind of human being whose sensitivity to the nature as a whole, ability to communicate with,
respect for it as well as knowledge of it are greatest.
The shaman plays slightly different roles according to the society he lives in,
but what concerns us here is his power of communication between the world of human beings and the rest of the universe.


Shaman Tuva - in "Le chamanisme" C. Stepanoff & T.Zarcone


Shaman de Russie (Bratsquiene) _ from Johann Gottlieb Georgi

Much talk about altered states of consciousness in order to access trans-natural worlds...
again a western twist in interpretation; nothing else but get rid for a moment of "me-I, I, I", you know very well what I mean, we all need!,
to be for one second available to the rest of the universe; of course it is sometimes necessary to push stiff minds up...

Also we heard too much that shamanism is "the most ancient spiritual practice of humanity";
if that were the case, it is very likely that deviancies, differences over time would have led to the situation that the "major religions" show today:
rivalry, fanaticism, each other misunderstanding, in less than 3000 years...


Mongolia shaman


Toungous shaman

You're not shaman because of your spirituality
(a shaman would advice you to worship your gods and honor your ancestors 1/)
but because of your intimacy with the rest of the universe;
there is the fulfillment that gives you an awareness similar to what promises spirituality, but without the wonderful,
without the need of an "other world"
You can be as skeptical as you want with shamanism.

The remarkable unity of shamanism, everywhere and at all times (we're talking of 40,000 years for this "practice")
is in this continuous awareness of being part of a whole, of the same universe, both impermanent and eternal (on our scale!)

Of course we are a predatory race coming from many predatory races, it is a behavior which is difficult to get rid of,
but mankind as the predator and the planet as a prey is nothing that can work any longer!
this is a typical case where the scale factor rule MUST be followed! What is going to happen when we have swallowed the whole planet?
Have you got a ticket for the next one?


The Yin-Yang symbol in action


Alternate version

Here we are, "prisoners of the useless" (Gérard Manset).
Fortunately, nothing is permanent, not a single quantum particle in this universe is motionless,
illustrated here by the symbol of the Yin-yang - which must be seen in motion, the rotation of the whole symbolizes the impermanence,
the central dots representing the alternation, while the balance between white and black is maintained.

Credits NaiveviaN - FunPic

Go Gérard, show me your "happy soul", let this "revive" to the trapped dreamers!
We will abandon our atoms so they can mix up with all the others, allowing the life to pick up here and there for the next ones...
What I specifically mean is that a "life after life" in a world beyond does not exist a priori,
it is for everyone to build it with his mind; good luck to those so inclined, the task is perilous.
But over all, is that the reason why human consciousness exists?

1/ For most people (believers or not!) it means to respect some simple rules, or merely to respect; at least to lose a bit of arrogance

Some illustrations used here are part of our meta-culture - ie they come from the internet
- their authors are cited as soon as they let me know - thanks to them!

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