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- non-A, non-E, non-N - E

Is there a right way to think?


Passive consciousness becomes everything; active consciousness generates everything

I bequeath to the science my soul and my criminal records

From Raymond Devos, "I will now give a brief history of the situation, whatever it is..."
to Dominique Proust, "...not to destroy too early the evidence that life appeared at least once in the universe",
here's the scream of a little old man to future generations,
even though nowadays nobody cares about little old men or anything else, because

futur vieux

Old people also prepare the future

if the general opinion is that the value of a human being lies in Quality, not Quantity
of course in everyday life it is the opposite: you have more muscle, you win, you have more money, you control

futur faible

Your stature depends on a few genes and on perspective

which, after all, would suit me, providing I'm pretty sure those strong people
have a broad and balanced vision and a minimum of moral principles
- or more precisely ethic, therefore personal, therefore efficient principles

réalité faible

Take fiction for reality

vraie réalité

Take reality for fiction


Democrite, Epicure, Lucrece, where are you?...
Centuries have decinated utopia! Time to grow up now

réalité faible

Grant oneself the means, even so...

vraie réalité

Overcoming the limits

to grow up is accepting all the legacy of millennia,
sifting a bit though: non-A, non-E, non-N,
non-Aristotelism, non-Euclidean, non-Newtonian - The Laws of Thought -
(the laws of identity, contradiction and exclusion -tertium non datur- questioned)
No limit a priori

réalité faible

Single real and reality out

vraie réalité

Find the adjusted behavior

it would almost be a catch phrase for General Semantic
= noeto-general-semantic for Natana - whose goals are more specifically:
  • enhanced orientation in space-time
  • appropriate behavior
  • Maximum use of one's capacities
  • awareness of the most likely developments (near future)
  • (Remember "players of non-A" from A.E.van Vogt)

    What kind of discipline would hold such promises?

    réalité faible

    Beware of apparent contradictions

    vraie réalité

    Do not satisfy with the achievements

    Noeto-general-semantic implies to respect a few rules, among which:
  • - no filter a priori (accept all sensory informations)
  • - each situation is new
  • - make sure that it is a direct judgment (your own preferably!)
  • - date and locate (absolutely if possible, relatively in all cases)
  • - do not generalize without caution
  • - avoid categories, labels: distinguish, discriminate, individualize...
  • - clarify the meaning that you give to the concepts you put forward, when you use it
  • - the "Human Spirit" does not exist - at least in the singular form; I have mine, what about you?
  • - qualify, quantify and judge, being aware of every other judgments and qualities possible (use "etc...")
  • - the map is not the territory (your map is not my territory!), the ad is not the product
  • - to be aware involves distinguishing the steps (spatially, temporally ...): the event, then the stimuli it causes,
    the reactions of the affect and its "recognition" by the reason - the latter two work with he memory
  • - you have to integrate (absorb, soak in) knowledge and experience into your whole being (body, mind...)
    in order to be as efficient as the hunting animal
  • - take care with self-reflexivity: we can use the language to talk about language, which is very useful to write a dictionary
    but very risky in our relationship with the world
  • - not to be wrong does not mean to be right
  • - discriminate the similar in the dissimilar, the dissimilar in the similar

  • - therefore, be aware of:
        _the different levels of abstraction
        _the difference in value of a given thing, depending on the reference system
        _the self-references in the corpus of human knowledge
        _do your interpretation comes from others' interpretations?
        _your reactions to the same thing, different with time passing by
        _the thalamocortical integration (physiology of sensory informations itself presupposes
              several "translations" from sensations to consciousness


    in short, BE AWARE that you abstract and doing so, be aware of moving away from the real
    (as for the scientific approach, abstraction but taking specific precautions)

    réalité faible

    Do you assert that you control all your actions and their consequences?

    vraie réalité

    Prepare for the future, therefore do not compromise it first of all

    I think you understand, I do not insist...

    these rules allow you to work towards the goals mentioned above

    it is the prerogative of consciousness to decide - or not - there is Chance or Evolution,
    Freedom or Predetermination, Gods or Ideals
    but who cares, it is much more urgent and important to decide what consciousness makes of itself!

    Up to you...

    réalité faible

    oops, maybe a little too far there...

    vraie réalité

    We cannot avoid the influences, but we can use trickery

    It seems that the NSG (Noeto-Semantic-General) moves against philosophy, bringing sense back into favor while warying of the reasoning faculty....
    it is not so! We cannot go without what the senses provide, ALL the informations we can have about the world around - within the limits of their respective sensitivity of course!
    And we cannot do without the reason which integrates, organizes, synthesizes these informations;
    The point is then to understand that senses and reason can both be misleaded and behave accordingly.

    The syllogism: "My wife is a human being - men are human beings - therefore my wife is a man"
    shows two of the many pitfalls:
    - the introduction of an undefined ensemble(collection) (human beings)
    - the law of identity is difficult to use "my wife is... men are...")
    and its implementation by the verb to be (loose, many meanings) leads directly to confusion.

    Some illustrations used here are part of our meta-culture - ie they come from the internet
    - their authors are cited as soon as they let me know - thanks to them!

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